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Landscape Product Bagging

We bag it, you sell it.

Austin Wood Recycling offers white label bagging and shipping services for a wide variety of mulch, compost, and soil producers including our very own extensive line of Texas Native brand products.


We are capable of bagging a wide variety of mulches including hardwood, pine, cedar, and pecan shell.


We are capable of bagging a variety of composts including organic, manure, and loam composts.


We are capable of bagging a variety of soils including topsoils, bedding mixes, dillo dirts, and loams.

What Sets Us Apart

Austin Wood Recycling has produced and bagged mulch since shortly after it's inception in 1987. Not only do we bag our own Texas Native line of mulches, composts, and soils, but we also offer white label bagging services to other producers.


Whether you need help increasing bagging output, or you don't want to handle bagging at all, we've got you covered. With three locations and 10 active bagging lines, we are capable of of bagging and shipping substantial quantities of product.


Sales Footprint

Austin Wood Recycling bags and delivers mulch, compost, and soil landscaping products across the country.

Products bagged on our bagging lines reach states including but not limited to Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.


Contact us to see how we can increase your bagging production.


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