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Austin Wood Recycling offers a variety of mowing 
services for the commercial, construction and land 
maintenance industries. We use John Deere Tractor 
Mowers, hydro-static deck mowers along with four to 
six foot tractor mowers and numerous weed eaters and 
hand tools.

We provide our clients with one time, monthly, or yearly 
mowing and weed eating schedules. We mow vast 
amounts of acreage for both residential and commercial
customers. We can bill time and material, or on a flat bid
 basis for companies that require field acreage mowing - from a minimum of fifteen lots, to entire subdivisions, and acreage. 

  • Mowing services are offered for right of ways, large acreage, fields, single lots, and subdivisions.

  • We can work on an “as needed” basis or we can set a schedule for regular maintenance, according to your needs / preferences.