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by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 03/13/15

GO TEXAN promotes the products, culture and communities that call Texas home and Austin Wood Recycling is now a proud member. Show your Lone Star pride and purchase all your landscaping products from Austin Wood Recycling and GO TEXAN!!

Happy Valetine's Day from us to you!!

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 02/14/15

Why give flowers to your sweetheart on only one day of the year when you can give a bounty of blooming flowers all season long? Make your honey’s garden beautiful by putting down some dark, rich, natural Texas Native Mulch with growing flowers and check mulching off your honey-do list to boot! Austin Wood Recycling’s mulches are produced right here in Texas so you know you’re giving a gift straight from the heartland! We age our Texas Native hardwood mulch for over a year & produce only the highest quality, nutrient packed double ground mulches. Buy some today and "spread the love"  this Valentine's by putting down 3-4 inches of one of our Texas Native mulches in your honey's garden!

Freezing Weather is coming- are your plants ready?

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 01/08/15

Now that the mercury is dropping  below freezing, mulching now is just as important for protecting  the roots systems of your plants and trees for the winter as it is in the summer.  Mulch is like Mother Nature’s thermostat- it regulates temperature in the soil where root systems live.  Its’ purpose is not to prevent freezing, but rather keep the ground from freezing and then thawing.  The ground can actually “heave up” roots damaging these vital systems as it thaws and then re-freezes.  So remember to add plenty of our Texas Native® mulches to your trees and plants now.  Trust us- they’ll thank you in the spring with a bevy of buds, frequent flowers and lotsa leaves!!

Austin Wood Recycling Makes the News!

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 02/17/12

Check us out!  Click the link below to see Jerome's interview with KXAN's Jim Swift at our south yard this week.  They had a great time and it aired on the six o'clock news Wednesday night!

Austin Wood Recycling Makes the News!

Like the video? See photos from the event on our Facebook site!

Austin Wood Recycling chosen to clear fallen trees from September wildfires

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 11/16/11

Posted on November 3, 2011 by Will Holford

What do you do with thousands of trees, most of them burned to some degree, that have been cut down? If you’re Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, you recycle them. In the aftermath of the September wildfires in Bastrop County, we are making good use of the fallen trees. 

“That was one of the first decisions we made when we started clearing trees from the burn zone,” said Mark Rose, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “We didn’t want all those trees to end up in a landfill somewhere, so we looked for a more environmentally friendly solution.”

We looked at a couple of options and chose Austin Wood Recycling to haul away the debris and turn it into mulch. After being run through a chipper, two passes through a grinder and spending about a year in a compost pile, the trees that were killed or damaged by fire will be sold as the company’s Texas Native Hardwood Mulch. Landscape companies will be able to buy it in bulk and consumers will be able to buy it in bags at a number of home-improvement stores and nurseries around Texas in nine months to a year.

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