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Today is Earth day, re-use, reduce & recycle with Austin Wood Recycling!!

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 04/22/15

In light of Earth Day, we thought we would post something about compost (all bad puns intended)!  Compost is one of Mother Nature's finest recycling moments...turning the remnants of waste into the new life of tomorrow. Each year we recycle several hundred thousands of yards of brush into quality landscaping materials. This keeps waste that could otherwise be turned into use-able products, such as mulches, composts and soil blends, out of landfills and puts them to use to promote new life in plants & trees around our area.  New plant life prevents water contamination from soil erosion, removes carbon dioxide from and  introduces more oxygen into the air we breathe, as well as just making the world a more beautiful place to look at. Click on the image below to open it in a separate page to see what compost can do for you.  

" We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - American Indian proverb


You wanted it, so we got it... PECAN MULCH!! Come n' get you some!

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 04/17/15

We’ve had more than a few calls about pecan shell mulch, so we decided to add it to our list of mulches available for bulk purchase. Using pecan shells as a mulch or as a soil additive in your beds has several wonderful benefits. You can increase the acidity in alkaline soils for plants, fruits, and vegetables that require a more acidic soils. 

“What kinds of plants like acidic soils” you ask? Well, lucky for you, we've added a list of below of plants that thrive in soils with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.

Vegetables: Fruits:  Plants: 

Radishes Blueberries  Azaleas

Sweet Potatoes Cranberries Magnolia

Parsley Currants  Hydrangeas

Peppers* Elderberries 

Rhubarb Gooseberries 

* - including bell peppers and chili peppers 

Pecan shells can also improve drainage & air space in densely packed soils, improving your plants' ability to more effectively uptake oxygen, nutrients, and water through its' root systems. When used as a mulch, it will help to repel cats and other vermin out of your beds. Additionally, pecan shell mulch lasts much longer than traditional mulches, does not fade and has a beautiful dark reddish-brown color!

Houston....we have a foundation...

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 04/11/15

Well folks, last week we poured in the concrete foundation for the new office building!! If you were here to see this momentous occasion, thank you for your patience... and for graciously parking further away than normal. If you weren't here, click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures from this week. If the picture doesn't load immediately, just click the reload button.

We're Movin' On Up....

by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 03/30/15

It’s been a great fall and we've been hard at work making beautiful mulches & rich soil blends to spruce-up your yard for springtime! But that’s not all we've been up to… At the beginning of March, construction crews broke ground for the new entrance drive into our Cedar Park facility! Click on the thumbnails below to open pictures in a new page. If the picture doesn't load immediately, just click the reload button.

The new driveway ushered in the start of construction on a long, long overdue NEW office building at our north yard. In addition to doubling our current office space and providing a product display area, we also plan to have our first mini-general store where customers can purchase various landscaping incidentals and other convenient items. Make sure to keep checking our Facebook page and blog for updates, interesting landscaping tidbits, current specials, DIY projects, and news about upcoming events.



by Your Austin Wood Recycling Team on 03/13/15

GO TEXAN promotes the products, culture and communities that call Texas home and Austin Wood Recycling is now a proud member. Show your Lone Star pride and purchase all your landscaping products from Austin Wood Recycling and GO TEXAN!!