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Land clearing, mulch manufacturing, trommel screening, and grinding services
make Austin Wood Recycling a talented and diverse company with our
employees reflecting the same.

The mulch hauling and brush hauling division offers 40cy dumpsters, to 90cy 
trailers that can be live loaded. We use the most modern, dependable, top 
name brand machinery. Our objective is to get to our customer’s site and finish 
the job fast and efficiently.

Austin Wood Recycling owns and operates two major recycling yards. We 
accept and haul brush from local clearing jobs at single-family home sites, to 
major highway projects covering 500 acres of Hwy. 183. We are experienced with small and large jobs and will provide references.

Austin Wood Recycling can accomplish anything from the smallest jobs (2,000cy) to the largest (2,000,000cy). Our grinding operation will cut your volume hauling needs by about 1/3rd, making for easy loading, saving money and time.  Austin Wood Recycling works throughout Texas and surrounding states. We have contracts with many landfills, contractors, city recycling centers, and compost yards from the Mexican border to Oklahoma and beyond, but concentrating on Texas.

Each of our grinding operations are composed of three machines and a service truck. (i.e., a 963C tracloader, 230 LC excavator, and a DZ grinder itself which runs remotely.) While the leadman feeds it with the excavator, another man runs the tracloader and pushes material to and from the grinder, loading trucks and trailers. This total operation is completely independent, needing no outside support.
  • We currently provide brush grinding services at multiple sites for Republic Services (B.F.I.) and Waste Management throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We also provide these services for multiple city, county and municipality brush recycling sites throughout Texas and beyond.
  • Our grinding services will aid in saving vital space in your landfill while conserving the environment. Grinding will cut your volume down by 1/3rd!
  • Pricing will vary depending on location, quantity, and cleanliness of the brush material.
  • We are able to grind up to 5,000 cubic yards of brush per day depending on brush cleanliness, terrain, and type of wood waste.
  • Re-grinding of mulch is also available which will increase the market value of the product to our clients’ customers.
Videos of our grinders at work!